Does Oracle make learning Hospitality Apps simpler after its Micros take over?

03 Jun Does Oracle make learning Hospitality Apps simpler after its Micros take over?

To start with Point of Sales: Oracle Hospitality Simphony is the premiere cloud and mobile hospitality management platform, providing enterprise point-of-sale (POS) and back-office functionality to support a wide range of food
and beverage operations. Learn how to best set-up and leverage this solution with an Oracle
Hospitality Simphony Learning Subscription.

The Oracle Hospitality Simphony Learning Subscription – Property Expert Edition is a complete training solution for property experts, IT professionals, and any hospitality industry professional seeking Oracle Hospitality Simphony training. It includes interactive configuration walkthroughs, best practice tutorials, and comprehensive overviews of the newest features available within the latest Simphony release. This all-digital subscription is available 24/7 from any device, and will be frequently updated with new content to meet the needs of an evolving hospitality industry.

Learn how to:

✔ Take advantage of Simphony to elevate the guest experience, enhance operational efficiency, and improve the bottom line

✔ Configure Simphony efficiently with an understanding of the decision points in the Oracle Hospitality Simphony point of sale

✔ Configure your menu within the Simphony Point of Sale using strategies that offer flexibility needed to optimize your speed-of-service and guest experience

✔ Leverage Simphony features to optimize efficiency and increase table turns

✔ Add employees, configure discounts and dynamically display your orders to better meet your business needs

✔ Configure hardware, such as workstations and printers, within Simphony and ensure that each piece of hardware is performing the correct job

✔ Leverage the newest Simphony release, including overviews and configuration walkthroughs of new features and other key changes

This subscription is ideal for:

✔ Simphony Property Experts

✔ Simphony System Administrators

✔ Developers

✔ Integrators

✔ Support Engineers

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