May 2016

18 May MICROSOFT Lifecycle Information for Oracle Hospitality Products

Internal notification: Product Mainstream Support ends​ ​Extended Support ends​ External link​ Remark​ ​Windows 2000 (any edition) ​30-JUN-2005 ​​13-JUL-2010 ​ ​EXPIRED Windows 2003 all editions and R2​ ​13-JUL-2010 14-JUL-2015​ ​ ​Windows 2008 all editions and R2 13-JAN-2015​ 14-JAN-2020​ ​ ​ Windows XP​ 14-APR-2009​ 08-APR-2014​ ​ ​EXPIRED ​Windows 7 Pro 13-JAN-2015​​ 14-JAN-2020​ ​ ​ Windows 8 Pro​ 09-JAN-2018 10-JAN-​2023​ ​ ​ Windows Embedded POSReady 2009​ 08-APR-2014​ 09-APR-2019​​ ​ ​ ​Windows Embedded POSReady 7 ​11-OCT-2016 ​​12-OCT-2021 ​ ​ Windows Embedded for POS (WEPOS)​ 12-APR-2011​ 12-APR-2016​ ​ ​ Windows 4.0​ 10-JUL-2007​ ​10-JUL-2012 ​ ​EXPIRED ​Windows 4.1 ​08-JAN-2008 ​08-JAN-2013 ​ ​EXPIRED Windows 4.2​ 08-JUL-2008​ 09-JUL-2013​ ​ ​EXPIRED Windows 6.0​ 09-AUG-2013​ 10-APR-2018​ ​ ​ Windows Embedded Compact...

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14 May Technology Bells and Whistles in Hotels?

[dropcaps type='square' font_size='' color='' background_color='' border_color='']L[/dropcaps]ike any other business, hotels too are facing challenges. While challenges can be from internally or externally originated, an unresolved internal challenge could easily contribute to intensify external issues that ultimately affect the business as a whole. Technology is one...

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11 May NFC technology in Hotels

Near field communication (NFC) technology is the next-generation short-range high frequency wireless communication technology that gives users the ability to exchange data between devices. Communication between NFC devices can transfer data at up to 424 kbits/second and the communication is enabled when two devices touch...

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opera pms support

06 May Opera PMS

[dropcaps type='square' font_size='40' color='' background_color='' border_color='']A[/dropcaps]hotel's front desk is the first and last impression of a guest, even though most of the cases the guests might have spoken to hotel reservations staff. At the core of a hotel's confusing and complex troublesome guest handling,...

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